AKKI Membership

AKKI Membership covers 5 categories:

AKKI membership accepts all denomination of Christian counselors. Each member has the benefit of building networks, obtaining useful information and articles from AKKI administrators, getting discounts on activities that AKKI holds, and theological schools that have cooperated with the AKKI. We would like to open the widest opportunity in terms of networking and learning and also improving counseling skills.

At present there are programs at STTRI and AIFC that have been collaborated, and AKKI continuously develop cooperation with other institutions. In this case, we are very delightful if you can propose to us with whom we can build a larger network of cooperation. Please contact the management secretary.

In these two years (2018 until 2020) each of member is an ASSOCIATE MEMBER, and needs active involvement in AKKI’s activities and events held since March 17, 2018 and periodically every 6 months (various cities) until the peak event will be held at the ACCA event (Asian Christian Counselor Association) in Bali in 2019, October 17-19.

Every person who wants to become an AKKI member needs to pay a membership fee of Rp. 300,000,  – which is valid for 2 years, and provides a card shipping fee of Rp. 25,000. Each new member will be given an AKKI member card in the form of Flazz, with an amount of Rp. 40,000 in it.

Bank Account: CIMB Niaga 800073360200 a/n. Asosiasi Konselor Kristen Indonesia

Please use this link to register http://bit.ly/AKKIregister or AKKI-registration

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