A Few Words

About Us



Michael Christian Yuwono, M.A., M.Psi., Psychologist

Vice President

Yonathan Goei, Ph.D
(represent AKKI for ACCA Exco member)

Secretary I

Elisabeth Lilis, M.Th

Secretary II

Dr. Mariana Foo

Treasury I

Septiana Iskandar, M.Th

Treasury II

Henny Lokan, M.A


dr. Silviana M.Th.

Sandra Mayawati, M.Th.

Budi Prasetya, M.A

Yinatia Tjoa, M.A


Rev. Yakub Susabda, Ph.D (chief)

Esther Susabda, Ph.D.

Andrew Tezuka, Ph.D.

Dr. Asriningrum Utami, M.Th.

Lanny Pranata, M.Th.

Bimantoro Elifas, M.Div., M.A.


Rev. Yakub Susabda, Ph.D.

Rev. Paul Gunadi, Ph.D.

Rev. Dr. dr. Dwidjo Saputro, SPKJ (K)


  • Integrating Christian counseling services together with any form of Christian ministry as a whole.
  • Introducing the uniqueness of Christian counseling services as one of the tools provided by GOD to equip Christians in the process of growing their faith and developing Christ-like character.
  • Presenting a culture of professionalism in Christian counseling services in Indonesia.
  • Raising the spirit of unity among the Body of Christ (Ut Omnes Unum Sint) through the colaboration of counselors from different backgrounds, educations, and church denominations so that counseling services can be a blessing to those who need it throughout the Indonesian homeland.


  • Introducing the progress and development of Christian Counseling based on the Integration of Theology and Psychology.
  • Promoting various counseling approaches and assessment tools in counseling ministry for marriage, family, education, and various issues in people’s personal lives.
  • Building networks between Christian counselors through various occasion and opportunity.
  • Equiping every Christian who passionate on the counseling ministry field with the requirements and skills needed to make their ministry more effective